Work Place Investigations

Not every workplace incident is as serious or horrific as this:–Seafood-Plant-Worker-Cooked


But, any serious incident that occurs in your workplace needs to be properly investigated. Regardless if it is bullying, sexual harassment, a dispute between employees, a breach of occupational health and safety, drug abuse or distribution, theft, fraud, or otherwise- all need to be properly investigated.


As a business operator, make sure you go out of your way to dot every “i” and cross every “t” during the investigation process. In doing this, you need to make sure you utilise qualified and experienced investigators.


Why? Because even if you think a case is cut and dried, it may not be if you haven’t conducted a proper investigation.


Take the following case as an example:


In 2007, the Australian Industrial Relations Committee (AIRC) ordered that an employee who had previously been dismissed for harassment be reinstated and paid $7,500 in compensation for lost earnings.


The AIRC came to this decision after it determined that the employer did not follow appropriate procedures when it investigated the harassment claim. Because of “significant deficiencies” in the investigation process, the AIRC concluded that the employer had no reasonable basis for terminating the employee’s employment.


So how can you make sure your investigation process is up to scratch and avoid something like this happening to you? Simple- use the right people.


Even if you feel your HR people are up to task- isn’t it better to keep them focused on the job you pay them for?


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