Why people use Surveillance

People often ask why our clients might hire a private investigator for surveillance. In most cases, if a person decides to choose this option, their reasons typically include needing to find conclusive evidence or proof to make a fully informed decision or conclusion. In this way, professional surveillance can be used a method of finding and collecting much-needed information.


Our clients can be categorized into three different groups: Individuals, Businesses, and Commercial. In this article, we’ll examine the motivations behind clients who hire a private investigator for personal reasons.



Although it is unpleasant to think of, it is a fact in our society that infidelity does exist in some marriages. When the signs become too overwhelming to turn a blind eye to, a person might opt for surveillance in order to confirm their suspicions. In some cases clients might simply need our services for peace of mind or to provide proof in their divorce proceedings. Each licensed private investigator on our team is well versed in discreet and thoroughly professional surveillance methods. Keep in mind that our findings do not always turn up negative news. In many cases, our clients find that they simply misread the situation or that their suspicions were a misunderstanding. Even so, our services help them to achieve some much-needed peace of mind in a safe manner without disrupting their relationship.



When it comes to child custody, this topic can often be wrought with difficulties and struggles between the two parents. Whatever the circumstances might be, the child’s comfort, health, and happiness should be a priority above all else. With the child custody cases that we work on, we help clients to ensure that their children are well taken care of. Our clients can use our professional surveillance services to gain all the information required so that they can gain custody of their child if required.



Coping with teenagers can be a little tricky at the best of times. Parents want to give them enough space to grow up, while still watching over them. Very often, teens unknowingly enter potentially dangerous situations without properly knowing how to address it. By hiring a private investigator, parents can keep an eye on their teenagers and check whether they might be involved with the wrong types of people or situations. This option is ideal since our discreet surveillance methods will offer peace of mind for parents without embarrassing teens.


Private Family Matters

When someone suspects that a family member might be involved in illicit activities such as compulsive gambling or illegal drugs, it is understandably difficult to broach the subject. Furthermore, there is always the worry of addressing it without sufficient proof. A private investigator can help by providing hard evidence to confirm whether the suspicions are true or not.


Vandalism and Sabotage

We feel violated when we find our homes, cars, or other personal property destroyed or damaged. It is even worse if it is part of a series of ongoing vandalism incidents. Such acts might include graffiti, arson, breakage, theft, and even physical harm to people or pets. Professional surveillance helps by finding further information about the offenders and their vandalism attempts. Some of our most effective methods also include using securely hidden cameras as well as mobile surveillance.

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