The Social Media Pro’s and Con’s

Over the past decade we have seen the rise of the internet, the smart phone and most recently the ever present social media sites. Social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn hold the vast market share in the niche’s that they specifically service.


For businesses the rise of Social Media platforms has allowed for the integration of Social media marketing to produce a greater level of brand awareness within targeted populations. It has also given birth to an increasing level of customer satisfaction, customer/business interconnectivity and customer driven feedback.


When used correctly, social media can enhance many aspects of an already well-rounded marketing campaign whilst becoming an invaluable asset in understanding market trends and patterns. But what happens when social media is used incorrectly?


Social media can be misused by business and individuals, and is done more commonly than most people would think. While social media allows us to connect with others, it also provides us with the opportunity to have online anonymity. With this anonymity many users hide behind alias’s to defame, harass and destroy business.


But it’s not just anonymity you have to look out for. The misuse of company social media pages can play a big part in the downfall of a business.


An example of such a downfall is Amy’s Baking Company. (See here


To summarise, after appearing on a reality TV show starring Gordon Ramsay the owners have had a public melt down on Facebook which was far from professionally worded. Whilst the owner was responsible for this post, it does demonstrate how easily it is to lose the respect of your past, current and potential clients through one poorly written message on social media.


Social media should be managed correctly and monitored by multiple people to ensure the pages are being correctly portrayed to the consumers.


If you’ve been defamed on social media head directly to

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