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How businesses use surveillance

How Businesses use surveillance   In today's business climate, entrepreneurs are recognizing the benefits of having an on-demand staff of trained surveillance operatives available. A trained surveillance crew has the tools and techniques in place that can protect your company from wide range of potential problems.   Loss Prevention / Hidden Camera Surveillance   One obvious reason for installing surveillance cameras is to aid against loss prevention. A single theft is extremely Read more [...]
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Corporate and legal uses of surveillance

Surveillance for legal and corporate organizations   There are a large number of corporate groups as well as legal practices that hire Phoenix Global for various different investigative and surveillance requirements.   Fraudulent Insurance Claims and Employee Compensation   Many companies experience higher insurance premiums owing to fraudulent claims related to injuries, compensation packages, on the job accidents, and public liability. At Phoenix Global, we pride ourselves Read more [...]
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Why people use Surveillance

People often ask why our clients might hire a private investigator for surveillance. In most cases, if a person decides to choose this option, their reasons typically include needing to find conclusive evidence or proof to make a fully informed decision or conclusion. In this way, professional surveillance can be used a method of finding and collecting much-needed information.   Our clients can be categorized into three different groups: Individuals, Businesses, and Commercial. In this article, Read more [...]
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