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Prevent Break and Enter of your Business!

For the provision of security and safety of staff to be successful, it must be an on going exercise.  It must be addressed in a number of stages.    After an original Risk Assessment and Analysis of all security and work place issues, a security plan must be formulated and approved.  Education of staff of the plan is then necessary.  The plan must be audited regularly and improved upon, where further risk is assessed.    Risk Assessment A Risk assessment with respect to your building Read more [...]
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Invoice Fraud

Invoice fraud involves the assertion of a right to payment from another person or business for unsolicited goods.   The operators of these frauds cleverly disguise their approach as a legitimate business offering advertising in journals and publications using high pressure selling and telemarketing techniques.   The operators are professional and will either endeavour to get a business to advertise in a bogus publication or directory or engage in enough discussion for the operator to infer Read more [...]
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Phoenix Global – Employment Screening

Employment costs keep rising year after year. However, you need your employees if you wish to continue your business. The only way to make a profit is to spend on highly trained staff who work hard. However, if one makes the wrong choice when it comes to hiring, then an entire business model can fail. This is why it is so essential to follow up on any potential employee's resume. More often than not, companies do nothing to check the validity of claims made on the resume. This is why Phoenix Global Read more [...]
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