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Fraud in Business

The article below is a really strong warning on the importance of being alert and vigilante when it comes to fraud.   http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/fraud-paid-for-leighton-contractors-finance-manager-damian-ocarrigans-high-life-as-stolen-funds-used-to-keep-escort-belinda-leonard-at-his-beck-and-call/story-e6freoof-1226598901950   One of the most common questions asked in by the victims of fraud (Corporate or Personal) is- Can I get the money back?   Not every Read more [...]
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How businesses use surveillance

How Businesses use surveillance   In today's business climate, entrepreneurs are recognizing the benefits of having an on-demand staff of trained surveillance operatives available. A trained surveillance crew has the tools and techniques in place that can protect your company from wide range of potential problems.   Loss Prevention / Hidden Camera Surveillance   One obvious reason for installing surveillance cameras is to aid against loss prevention. A single theft is extremely Read more [...]
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Invoice Fraud

Invoice fraud involves the assertion of a right to payment from another person or business for unsolicited goods.   The operators of these frauds cleverly disguise their approach as a legitimate business offering advertising in journals and publications using high pressure selling and telemarketing techniques.   The operators are professional and will either endeavour to get a business to advertise in a bogus publication or directory or engage in enough discussion for the operator to infer Read more [...]
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Fraud in business

Fraud can seriously affect the solvency of a business.  If it goes undetected it will not only impact upon the business’s bottom line but also contribute to a negative culture amongst staff and possibly affect business credibility in the marketplace.   The greatest fraud risk to a business is the thought that fraud is not a threat at all.  A good business constantly reviews its policies, practices, and systems against internal and external threats.         It is vital that Read more [...]
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