Individuals can become difficult to find for a multitude of reasons, whether it be simply moving around the country frequently; or purposely living under the radar. These individual often need to found as a matter of importance the other party involved and can include such reasons as:

  • Searching for a witness to an accident;
  • Service of court documents;
  • Serving bankruptcy notices;
  • Attempting to retrieve monies owed;
  • Locating an estranged family member;
  • Locating a past associate;


Although many people are publicly listed, this information is often outdated.  Investigators use an exhaustive list of searches and methods to locate persons of interest ranging from; internet databases/searches, networking with industry contacts, phone calls and field calls. It is essential to provide as much information about the person as possible as the smallest details can be vital. Often if there are few clues to a person whereabouts, they can be located through family members or known contacts.


It is vital to make sure the person located is the right person and not simply someone with the same name. The more common the name, the more difficult a locate can be, this will come down to an experienced investigator eliminating possibilities and cross-referencing small details that may lead to an end result: current and accurate contact details. A good investigator will continue to follow a lead overseas, speak to possible leads of the phone, recognize the relevance of small details and advise you if the information they can provide in unconfirmed.  At Phoenix Global we make sure we have exhausted all avenues of enquires and have a high success rate of locating persons of interest on a national basis. We are also able to provide service of documents if required once the individual has been located.

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