Search Engine Marketing – The transition from physical directories.

In the world today, we are in constant need of professional services. Unfortunately for business owners, finding those in need of your services can sometimes prove harder than first thought. In the early 2000’s Yellow Pages was the dominant form of advertising, with over 13 billion ad’s referenced in 2007. However technology has become exponentially more advanced over the past decade, and has pushed paper advertising to near extinction.

Search Engines, most recognisably – Google, have been responsible for the disappearance of physical directories such as the Yellow Pages. Ten years ago, you would have searched for the pool cleaner in your local directory. However, in today’s age we find ourselves saying “Just Google it”. Seems simple doesn’t it… While it may be simple for the consumer to find what they’re looking for, it certainly isn’t simple to make them find your business; first time, every time.

In order to make your business publically available, it needs to be visible online. Not only does the business need to be visible online, it needs to be visible under the correct keywords. Finding correct keywords can be difficult, and varies depending on the business goals. In layman’s terms, if you wish to sell potato chips – make sure your marketing activities are promoting your website under search times like “Potato Chips” and “Chips”.

The advance in technological capabilities has been a double edged sword for most business owners. For most people, modern marketing is likened to Pandora’s Box. It can be a blessing in disguise or can become a labyrinth consuming not only time, but profit. While this may put you off adding the job title of ‘Marketing Guru’ to your position at work, it shouldn’t put you off seeking the services of professional marketing companies with years of experience. Remember, over 7.2 billion Google searches are conducted per day. Is your business being seen?

Phoenix Global has a well-qualified and highly experienced team waiting to assist your business. If you wish to increase your online market share and overall profit, contact Phoenix today on 1300 550 475. 

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