We are a busy growing organisation with opportunities in a wide variety of disciplines and geographical locations.  Many of our clients have trusted us with instructions and in some cases, their business future for well over a decade.  We won’t recruit for the sake of recruiting.  We are always looking for specialist personnel who will enhance the organisation and provide excellent results to our valued clients. 


If you believe you have the following characteristics make an application now, for full time, casual, contractor or agency appointment.  You:

  • Are Highly intelligent and present professionally;
  • Are relentless in the pursuit of the best result and refuse to accept 2nd place;
  • Have a very high level of written and oral communication;
  • Understand and have excellent Tact, Timing, Discretion, Empathy, and Listening skills;
  • Are highly disciplined, perfectly following instructions, directions, and can produce results within relevant time frames;
  • Possess a great work ethic and the ability to work in adverse conditions;
  • Will follow a regimented system of operation, working closely in multi -disciplined teams of other professionals;
  • Have excellent research skills.


Email your application and resume to positions@phoenixglobal.com.au


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