Do you confidentially need to know:

  • The activities of a litigant?
  • Whether a represented injury is legitimate?
  • Whether your staff or business partners are attending to designated activities?
  • Your spouse.s activities?
  • Whether any particular claim or representation is accurate?
  • The accurate level of your business activity?


Unfortunately most problems lead back to the same question. Would this have happened, if I had conducted proper investigations?


Good quality surveillance can quickly provide you with an accurate picture and allow you to deal with the problem confidentially.


At Phoenix Global we have the ability to undertake surveillance of almost any target. Our operatives are highly experienced and understand the consequences of being blown by the target: consequences which could have a detrimental effect upon the investigation. All surveillance is undertaken carefully and professionally.


Furthermore, we understand that surveillance can be costly and unrewarding in some cases. We will do all in our power to limit your costs and provide you with a result. We won.t take on matters where there is no hope of a result. We undertake extensive assessment and intelligence gathering with you prior to commencement. In some case we will covertly engage with the target to establish worthwhile information that will assist in positioning our surveillance and achieving the best possible result.


Over the years we have saved our clients millions of dollars by providing the real picture to them and preventing a disaster.


We have over 30 years experience. Call us now on Ph. 1300 550 475 to discuss your problem. Alternatively email us now, for an obligation free assessment of your problem.

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