Locating Persons of Interest

Are you trying to locate someone?


We assist clients locate persons who are;

    • Avoiding contact;
    • Potential parties to a proceedings;
    • Potential witnesses to a matter;
    • Debtors; or
    • Subject to a particular enquiry


Through many years of investigation we have established;

    • Intelligence systems;
    • Networks of contacts;
    • Avenues of Enquiry


For some clients, locating a person of interest can mean the difference between winning or losing a case. Phoenix Global has a lengthy history of high achievements in this area.


After locating persons of interest, clients often request that we;

  • Serve them with proceedings;
  • Undertake interviews and gather intelligence;
  • Prepare and take statements.


We have over 30 years experience, and are the best in the business. Call us now on Ph. 1300 550 475 to discuss your problem. Alternatively, email us now, for an obligation free assessment of your problem.

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