Intellectual Property Investigations

In today’s business world, we have witnessed a rapid increase in the theft of Intellectual Property.


Intellectual Property, (I.P) does not only have to be a new invention. Most business I.P consists mainly of the day to day systems created and developed by business owners themselves. Information stored on computer systems that play a central role to our activity.


If you are in business, it is usually the case that your business will be coordinated through a Server and network of users. In your Server you will store important and sensitive information which may include:-

  • Your client database;
  • Client files;
  • Precedent base;
  • Software programs with unique programming code;
  • Your systems of operation;
  • Staff records;

In today’s cyber world, your important information, if not your entire business, can be copied quickly and stolen from you. Remember, today’s Business Manager can be tomorrow’s business competitor, particularly if he or she has stolen your valuable IP.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your network protected from external attack;
  • If it is being attacked externally, does your network advise you of this:
  • Does your network have levels of security that allow access to only areas relevant to the particular job description or level of responsibility;
  • Does your network allow staff to copy all documents, email them and or print them;
  • Are you staffs. workstations fitted with active USB access points:
  • Do your staff have complete access to the internet to look at anything they desire;
  • Is your network fitted with swear filters and alike;
  • Are you in control of your programmers, ensuring that they are complying with the scope of their engagement;
  • Do you have control over your commercial secrets;


We are equipped to confidentially provide you with the following services:-
Identification of Network breaches, from both internal and external;
Identification of suspects who download your data, or hack into your system;
Operations to provide you with evidence of theft of your Intellectual Property;


We also can provide you with quality risk management advice with respect to:-

  • Hardware and software purchase;
  • Network set up and server configuration;
  • Network Security including firewalls & activity analysis;
  • Systems Administration;
  • Merchant Processing and Shopping cart/gateway;
  • Project management and business planning;
  • Project Tendering;
  • Program management;
  • Database management;


Throughout the world there has been a growing black market industry in the piracy, replication and or copy of legitimate products. This is a growing industry that is now policed by the Private Investigation Industry.


At Phoenix Global we have many years of experience investigating IP theft and implementing strategies to prevent such theft. This also includes the misuse of Trademarks and breaches of Copyright.


Remember, your business can be destroyed when your IP is stolen.

We have over 30 years experience. Call us now on Ph. 1300 550 475 to discuss your problem. Alternatively email us now, for a free no obligation assessment of your problem.

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