Due diligence

Due Diligence …Doing your Homework!


As investigators a lot of problems we are engaged in can be traced back to poor due diligence.


In strong economic environments, a shortage of labour, a lack of available time and available cash: people do all sorts of things without doing their homework. They act too fast and this is where their problems start and can be traced back to.


Do you confidentially know:

  • Who you are going into business with?
  • Whether the business you are buying stacks up?
  • Whether the person you are investing your funds with is credible?
  • Whether representations made are honest and accurate?
  • Whether property you are securing is free and un-encumbered?
  • Whether all issues relating to your transaction have been verified?
  • Whether your new business partner is really who he or she represents?
  • Whether the person you are about to employ is as good as he or she represents?
  • Whether the person you are attracted to and is about to move into your home has a credible past?
  • Whether assets you are considering acquiring are valued correctly?


Unfortunately most disasters lead back to the same question. .Would this have happened if I had conducted proper due diligence? Good quality due diligence can save you or your clients a lot of money and a lot of long term pain.


At Phoenix Global we have the ability to undertake extensive searches relating to any target, or any representation.Information is Power! Our sources and contacts are extensive and are powerful resources when, ‘you need to know’.We have the ability to also undertake the leg work, ask the questions and interview persons who may verify the issues, and report to you in detail.


Furthermore, our Unique Selling Point (USP), is that we regularly engage with the target covertly, using a pretext. Such engagement will be carefully planned to infiltrate the target and engage in discussions to identify the correct status relating to the issues.


Over the years we have saved our clients millions of dollars by providing the real picture to them and preventing a disaster.One CASE however that reminds us of the importance of Due Diligence related to a client who had hired a Financial Controller through a Recruitment Agency. This Agency had charged our client the sum of $12,000 for the service.


After 3 months our client was being accused of failure to pay taxes, when financial records indicated that all taxes had been paid and were current. It was alleged that over $100,000 was outstanding. When engaged by the client we commenced our investigations with the employee’s Resume. During our first phone call to the employee’s previous employer, it was established that the employee had been dismissed for theft of approximately $1.9 million.


Further investigation revealed that the employee had transferred our client’s funds unlawfully to his own bank account and posted such transactions in the books of account as, Payment of Taxation…In this case, one phone call to the employee’s previous employer would have saved over $100,000.


Nevertheless our investigations succeeded in securing a lengthy term of imprisonment for this dishonest employee. We also assisted our client in recovering the $12,000 recruitment and placement fee!


We have over 30 years experience, and the best in the business. Call us now on Ph. 1300 550 475 to discuss your problem. Alternatively email us now, for an obligation free assessment of your problem.


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