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Phoenix Global has been providing quality Risk Management and Investigation services to Business and Legal Practitioners for 16 years.


Since the emergence of the Internet and Google, Phoenix Global has identified that a major risk to business is Online Reputation. With many consumers using Google as their due diligence tool, having a bad internet reputation will lead to the loss of many sales, or a negative reputation amongst the growing online community.

  • Our Internet Reputation Services work to remove negative content where possible;
    • We distribute quality and strategically placed information to provide a positive view of the business;
      • Our point of difference is that 99% of Internet Reputation companies aren’t aware of Australian laws that prevent defamation online. This leaves them with only one option; to push content down, not remove it.


Our Internet Reputation service includes:

  • Setting up internet alerts which immediately identify damaging posts;
  • Removing defamatory and illegal content from, and other search engines;
  • Approaching ISP’s & Web Site Administrators and organising removal;
  • Employing first class SEO techniques to optimise and promote positive content relating to the business;
  • Distributing articles and press releases that promote the business. Once done, we use SEO to advance Google rankings even further;
  • Where necessary instigating Court Applications for orders to prevent or remove material being published;
  • Investigation and prosecution of persons or competitors who post damaging material, or threaten to post, through extortion type tactics. 


Our qualified and experienced staff have years of experience assessing, treating and auditing risk.  In this regard, we adopt procedures as per AS NZS ISO 31000-2009 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines.  Using this practice we;

  • Undertake a comprehensive Risk Assessment of the client’s current internet reputation, and factors impacting, or about to impact upon it;
  • Customise a Treatment plan to treat current and ongoing risk, prioritised against highest rated risks;
  • Set up a system of alerts and audits  that will counter current and new risks;
  • Provide consultation on risk minimisation;

Please feel free to contact us on a “no obligation basis” for further information or to inquire about what we can do to assist your clients.

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