Covert Operations

 Do you confidentially need to know:


  • The activities of a litigant?
  • Whether a represented injury is legitimate?
  • Whether your staff or business partners are attending to designated activities?
  • Your spouse’s activities?
  • Whether any particular claim or representation is accurate?
  • The accurate level of your business activity?
  • Whether someone has your Intellectual Property?


Unfortunately most problems lead back to the same question. Would this have happened if I had conducted proper investigations?


Unfortunately investigations, particularly surveillance, can be costly and take time. They may also not provide you with the result that you are after.


Our philosophy is that accurate results can be obtained quickly and costs minimised through direct engagement with the target in a covert capacity. We have the best covert operations capacity in the business.


Target development is the key to our success. In most cases the client is the best investigator and has a high level of understanding of the problem. We take the time, work with you and ascertain from you all available intelligence.


After target development we prepare an authentic pretext with you: a pretext that will work in fulfilling our objectives to engage with the target.


Once our pretext development is finalised and agreed upon with you, we will develop the pretext and engage with the target.


Careful consideration is taken to accurately record all engagement and evidence is carefully collated and documented for later production in Court, if necessary.


Throughout our engagement we will have discussions with the target which are designed to specifically extract information relevant to the enquiry.


We also have the ability to instigate many forms of covert electronic surveillance and intelligence gathering techniques, whether visual, telephone or I.T. systems networks. Talk to us about specifics.


Over the years we have undertaken many covert operations with outstanding success. We are regarded in the industry as the leaders in this area of investigation.


We have over 30 years experience. Call us now on Ph. 1300 550 475 to discuss your problem.


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