Investigation Standards and practices

Our training in this component is based upon the skills required for persons to undertake and coordinate investigations to a standard required by the public sector or security industries.


These skills are fundamental and advantageous not only for public sector employees working in fraud or statutory compliance environments but also for persons whom work or intend to work in the fields of:-

    • Private investigation
    • Work place Health and Safety
    • Workplace investigation
    • Personal Injury investigation
    • Operational Management


Included in this component of training are the following topics and units of competency:


  • Simple Project management
  • Exercise regulatory powers
  • Promote client compliance
  • Assess compliance
  • Investigate non-compliance
  • Act on non-compliance
  • Produce formal record of interview
  • Conduct search and seizure
  • Prepare a brief of evidence
  • Give evidence
  • Gather information through interview
  • Gather and manage evidence
  • Conduct surveillance
  • Receive and validate data
  • Conduct data analysis
  • Undertake compliance audits
  • Advise on progress of investigations
  • Finalise and report on
  • Plan and implement recovery action
  • Conduct prosecutions
  • Coordinate investigations
  • Supervise and carry out complex inspections and monitoring
  • Provide quality investigative services
  • Manage regulatory compliance
  • Evaluate regulatory compliance
  • Manage investigations program
  • Investigation planning


In many cases persons may not be able to undertake a full qualification or this an industry need for the focus on skills in a certain area and where possible skill sets containing can be delivered to meet demands:


Example of a Skill Set:


Conduct Factual Investigation

This skill set is for persons whom have a need to investigative matters in the course of their duties or wish to specialise in factual investigations. Completion of these units provides credit towards CPP30607 Certificate III in Investigative Services.


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