Internet Related Crimes

In today’s world we are heavily reliant on technology. We use it to complete everyday tasks such as communication, travel directions, note taking and other multi-tasking activities. Specifically, the Internet is one technology that has taken off over the past decade. It is estimated that over 90 percent of the world’s population uses the Internet on a daily basis.   In previous decades we were unable to use the Internet to publish blogs, articles, press releases and other forms of written content. With this inability to publish this material online, legislation was never created to prevent breaches of law on the World Wide Web.


While this may not seem an issue to most people, it creates a geographical loophole where an action may be illegal in one country but not another. This loophole has allowed incidents such as the ‘Love Bug’ which was an email titled ‘I love you’ to cause damages in excess of US $5.5 billion. While the act was illegal in most countries, the Philippines (where the worm was created) had no laws against writing malware at the time. The creators of the Love Bug worm were released with all charges dropped against them.

It is quite unfortunate that in this modern age we do not yet have uniformity when dealing with Internet related crimes. While it may be illegal for John Smith of Australia to post his defamatory opinion about his American colleague Joe Blogs on Australian websites, it is not illegal on the flip side of this coin for Joe Blogs to defame John Smith on American websites. With cases like these occurring thousands of times a year, it is hard to understand why we are not moving to a unified front on Internet crimes. Without a consistent consequence for Internet crimes there is no deterrent for individuals hiding online behind the laws of an individual geographical location.


While we wait for uniformity on internet related crimes, it is more important than ever to protect your on line reputation if you want to stay in business.  Defamatory, derogatory, or negative comments or statements can have you out of business quickly. See for all your internet reputation needs from a trusted local provider.

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