Identifying areas of weakness; an analysis of Online Reputation via ‘smart’ technology.

Each day in business it becomes more apparent that traditional methods of business advertising and consumer research are shifting to benefit our more contemporary lifestyle. This is due to the huge emphasis we place on technological advancement, work place efficiency and ease of access systems.


It’s safe to say that every six months a new ‘smart’ phone, ‘smart’ tablet or ‘smart’ pc is introduced to the market. These devices make a consumers day to day tasks much simpler by organising shopping lists for maximum efficiency and keeping track of our to do’s. Unfortunately these devices can be a nightmare for businesses that are not prepared to keep up with adapting technology based environment.


Keeping up with the times is an essential requirement in the Online Reputation industry. Not utilising current research can cause you to fall behind the eight ball when working on SEO projects, which have a high demand for recent content, reliability and accuracy.


When engineering your SEO and Online Reputation Campaign it is imperative that you address, create and implement strategies to deal with changes in technology; without sustainability your campaign will come full circle at the cost of valuable time and resources. An example to work from is the ever adapting ‘smart’ phone industry. With the blossom of on-the-go web browsing, SEO experts were forgetting to address the .mob extension results that would appear in Google. Not only did this specific example put the team under tremendous stress, it eventually lost them their client as the opportunity for a competitive market advantage had been lost.


At the end of the day you should always be looking for flaws in your SEO/ORM plans as today’s technology industry is so heavily unstable and volatile you can never truly know the future outcome of your plans.


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