How businesses use surveillance

How Businesses use surveillance


In today’s business climate, entrepreneurs are recognizing the benefits of having an on-demand staff of trained surveillance operatives available. A trained surveillance crew has the tools and techniques in place that can protect your company from wide range of potential problems.


Loss Prevention / Hidden Camera Surveillance


One obvious reason for installing surveillance cameras is to aid against loss prevention. A single theft is extremely costly to any business. However, our company is able to install and monitor cameras for any size business. We can help you to track shoplifters and monitor inventory. We enable you to keep an eye on your employees. On top of that, we offer your company access to undercover investigators that are able to work directly with your business on short-term assignments.


We offer similar services for your family home. We offer a nanny-cam service that enables you to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Our company can install hidden cameras throughout the home for an added sense of security.


Tracking Surveillance


Tracking surveillance is useful in industries where fraudulent time logs are an issue. Over time, false time logs can cost a business thousands in bogus claims. For example, truck drivers, carriers, and sales reps all have the opportunity to manipulate time records. However, at Phoenix Global we can monitor and verify the whereabouts of any vehicle. You can be certain that your company won’t be charged for trips far outside the scope of operations. On top of that, we are able to follow your delivery and make reports to you throughout the process. We can capture any unwelcome activity on film and report all findings to you immediately.


Landlord and Tenant


Rent ceilings are diminishing income for landlords in many areas of the country. As landlords, you may be inclined to comply with the new law while a tenant may totally disregard current property regulations. Phoenix Global can help landlords make sure that their commercial properties are used for their intended purpose, and not operating outside of the lease agreement.


We can aid landlords in recovering residential properties being used for illegal purposes and out of compliance with lease terms. We have proven our ability to successfully evict undesirable tenants that seek to use your property for illegal non-residential purposes.


Employee Activity


Keeping a close eye on your employees is a good business practice since it reduces overall operational risks. Employee surveillance helps to protect business owners against fraud. There are thousands of potential problems involving employees that could arise during the course of a business day. Many of those problems can place the financial future of your business at risk. For example, an employee may be abusing the privilege of working at your establishment. Fraudulent sick days and sabotaged equipment can add unnecessarily increase your daily operating costs.


Phoenix Global is able to legally conduct surveillance and gather proof of any unwelcome behavior. We can set up equipment at your site to find specific information that you are seeking. Whenever possible, we work closely with the Human Resources department to avoid alerting your company employees.


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