First Impressions – Social Media Presence

How many times per day are you making bad first impressions?


Perspective clients are frequently ‘Googling’ your business and forming negative first impressions – before even speaking to a representative from your business! It is suggested that Judgments made after a 100-ms exposure correlated highly with judgments made in the absence of time constraints, suggesting that this exposure time was sufficient for participants to form an impression .


If your online presence is tarnished by negative reviews, there is a consistent pattern of evidence to suggest that your business will be losing clients without knowing! Your lack of social media and search engine attention could result in a lack of brand recognition along with diminished levels of incoming work.


The first step to recognising the issue is to Google yourself. Search your name, your business name, and variations of each. Secondly, ensure that your social media profiles are professionally presented, and that information is easily accessible. Thirdly, take proactive measures such as blogging or conduct actions worthy of public news recognition.


In the absence of results following these strategies, it is worth hiring a professional to assist you in repairing damage caused to your reputation. Engaging a professional to conduct such services should be viewed as a twelve month investment. Over the term of twelve months, a successful service should provide your business with higher levels of brand recognition, increased online market share, greater volume of sales and decreases in the distribution of negative content.


For more information on Social Media, Google results or business in general, please contact Phoenix Global on 1300 550 475 with a ‘No Obligation’ basis.

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