Risk at Licensed Premises

What is a Licensed Premise?  


A “Licensed Premises” is any premises that sells alcohol, provides “regulated entertainment” or “late night refreshment”. Includes pubs, restaurants, late night cafes and takeaways, theatres, cinemas, nightclubs, bars and off-licences.


In all Australian states and territories there are requirements for individuals and businesses that wish to sell or supply liquor. The law and subsequent responsibilities differ from state to state however they have similar strategies and requirements especially in the area of responsible service of alcohol and the maintenance of a safe environment. Liquor licensing laws are not just limited to hotels, clubs and nightclubs but may also include:

  • Restaurants
  • Accommodation houses 
  • Sporting or entertainment venues
  • Transport services
  • School fetes or fundraising events


If you are thinking of including the sale or supply of liquor within your business operation either as a permanent fixture or as an occasional event then it is vital that you fully understand the liquor laws in your respective state, your obligations and the consequences of not complying with the laws.


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