Corporate and legal uses of surveillance

Surveillance for legal and corporate organizations


There are a large number of corporate groups as well as legal practices that hire Phoenix Global for various different investigative and surveillance requirements.


Fraudulent Insurance Claims and Employee Compensation


Many companies experience higher insurance premiums owing to fraudulent claims related to injuries, compensation packages, on the job accidents, and public liability. At Phoenix Global, we pride ourselves on dedicating an entire department to the very serious matter of insurance fraud. Our specialist team is well versed in conducting in-depth investigations based on facts as well as circumstantial information, as well as interviews and covert surveillance. With a wealth of experience under their belts, our highly knowledgeable investigators are further equipped with the latest tools and technology in order to carry out surveillance and record evidence with the best possible results. We have strong sets of in-house guidelines, systems, and policies to ensure the very best for our clients. Delivered reports are carefully detailed and contain sufficient evidence and information to hold up in a court of law. Despite the high level of detail that is required, our investigators are still well aware of having to work within a deadline. No matter how large an investigation might be, our clients are always well assured that our investigation team can tackle it efficiently and on time.


Counter Surveillace


This type of surveillance is a type of reversal. Clients employ it to check whether they might be followed or observed by a third party either physically or digitally. Phoenix Global investigators can determine whether a person is under surveillance by employing a number of techniques and methods. We then follow up by suggesting options or solutions accordingly, with the ultimate aim of allowing our clients to carry on their lives without fear or worry. In cases of harassment or stalking, we can further help by assessing the seriousness or danger of the potential threat and building a case based on the evidence gathered. This can be used to lodge a complaint with the appropriate authorities and begin proceedings towards obtaining a cease and desist or restraining order.


Online and Digital Monitoring


Phoenix Global investigators can help to provide information on a person’s computer or digital activities by installing highly sophisticated and reliable software that monitors computer use. Some common examples for this type of service include finding information on a child or teenager’s online activities, discreetly uncovering details about a cheating partner, or learning how an employee spends their office hours. The software can be installed for as little as a few days to several weeks. Our computer monitoring service keeps track of login IDs and passwords, programs used, websites accessed, email, instant chat, and messaging communications, keystrokes, and plenty of other types of vital information even though it may have been deleted earlier. The monitoring software is always invisible and undetectable to the computer user. Since it always runs in the background, the software never affects any other programs or computer systems. Later on Phoneix Global investigators can retrieve and review the data for presentation to the client. Digital monitoring is an extremely effective method for obtaining proof of a cheating spouse when other methods have proven ineffective, or providing some reassurance to parents who are in doubt about their children’s computer usage. Please keep in mind that we only employ legal methods of digital monitoring and always ensure that we only apply the service within the law.


Bug Detection and Removal


In recent years bugging technology has evolved into all types of sizes and varieties. Some common ones include IR bugs, Burst bugs, laser beam bugs, and also RF and FM transmitter bugs. We know how stressful it can be to know that one’s every movement is being watched or tracked. To complement Phoenix Global’s counter surveillance, clients may also choose to use our debugging services. Our investigators can detect bugs and recording devices that are planted in telephones, homes, vehicles, and offices. We make sure that our debugging operatives are always up to date on the latest and most effective methods and technologies of counter surveillance and bug detection so that they can efficiently uncover even the most well hidden bugs. Clients who suspect that an interior is bugged can get in touch with us to request a bug sweep. With cutting edge technology, our investigators sweep entire rooms, including ceilings, floors, walls, furniture and devices. Upon finding hidden cameras or RF bugs, clients are immediately notified.


Legal Action Preparation


We understand that preparing for litigation can be a hectic, trying experience. Phoenix Global works carefully with every client to ensure that the evidence gathered will provide the best possible outcome. Even though surveillance evidence is extremely compelling, it is essential to prove that it is recorded and obtained in a legally acceptable manner. We work with clients to achieve all of this within the deadlines at hand. To further ease the process, Phoenix Global compiles fully detailed reports for law courts, businesses, insurance firms, and self insurers. We do this by carrying out surveillance to show evidence progression, as well as offering advice and resolutions when it comes to claims.


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