Work Place Health & Safety

In fifteen years Phoenix global have conducted over 7000 work place injury investigations, involving claims for compensation by workers, or enforcement by the Division of Work Place Safety.


Many employers are not aware of the law regarding Health & Safety in the Work Place and their duty of care to provide a safe working environment. Many employers do not understand their legal obligations regarding the necessity of a Work Place Health & Safety Plan.


Our many years of experience investigating all types of work place injury claims provide us with the platform to protect our clients from claims and litigation in this area.


Our Risk Advisory Services in this area assists our clients through inter alia:

  • Development & Implementation of a Work Place Health & Safety Policy;
  • Appointment of a business Health and Safety Officer; (HSO)
  • Environmental Assessment and minimisation of work place risk;
  • Individual Task assessment and risk minimisation strategy;
  • Tool box talks;
  • Job Safety Instructions;
  • Job Safety Assessments;
  • Hazard reporting, assessment and control, including Health & Safety Committee;
  • Record keeping;
  • Medical treatment and emergency;
  • Employee training;
  • Management of current and ongoing worker claims, including due diligence;


Phoenix Global confidentially provides business with the appropriate framework for:

  • Work Place Health & Safety;
  • Minimisation of claims for compensation
  • External Return to work (Rehab) services


We have over 30 years experience. Call us now on Ph. 1300 550 475 to discuss your problem.

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