Risk at Licensed Premises

There is no doubt that for a Licensee or Manager of licensed premises the ability to identify the risks involved in the consumption of alcohol by means of abuse or misuse there is considerable amount of concern and responsibility.


Equally there is no doubt that having a Risk & Management Plan (RAMP) in place that is workable and manageable will make a difference for individuals consuming alcohol and is extremely important to the health of the patrons.


We have developed a process that gives us the capability to quickly assess and gain an understanding of your unique circumstances and how your response can be both diligent and reasonable. At all times our efforts are to ensure that your bottom line is operating at the optimum level.


We confidentially provide the following services to clients who operate licensed premises:

  • Risk & Management Planning (RAMP), assessment and preparation;
  • Operational Risk Assessments (covers stock, cash loss, fraud);
  • Risk Assessment criteria and recording by staff;
  • Litigation minimisation & support;
  • Incident investigation;
  • Application support & defence;
  • Armed Robbery Training


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