Business Security

The security of your business is not just about door locks and alarms systems.


Business security is a vital part of your operation and is broadly defined as group measures that reduce the risk of a security incident impacting upon the continuity of the operation, its trading name and your bottom line.


A business security incident may involve:

  • A staff member taking a valuable clients business with them to set up their own business;
  • The release of sensitive information to another competitor or into the public domain to injure your brand;
  • The theft of ‘opportunity’ by competitors, or staff;


Phoenix Global possesses the expertise to assists you maintaining confidence in your operation, people and customer environment. Our Business Security assistance falls within the following four main categories:-


Information Security

  • Classification
  • Storage
  • Disclosure



  • Integrity
  • Contracting
  • Client relations (Keeping your clients)


Physical Security

  • Staff
  • Access
  • Assets


Security Incidents

  • Identification
  • Response
  • Treatment


Internal security, including brand and image protection, and protection of your client’s ongoing work, represent risk far greater than other risks you may experience.


We have over 30 years experience. Call us now on Ph.1300 550 476 to discuss how we can immediately assist you.

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