Business Risk Advisory Services

For 30 years staff from Phoenix Global have been engaged by business owners to solve their risk management problems.


Risk Management problems such as:

  • internal and external fraud,
  • theft of intellectual property,
  • customer complaints,
  • workers compensation,
  • human resource issues,
  • security

And many other problems.


Many problems business face, could have been prevented with an effective risk management plan: – i.e. identifying where areas of risk exist by doing a comprehensive risk analysis of your business. Such risks should be eliminated or at least minimised to avoid potential exposure to the business.


In past risk assessments we have targeted problems such as;

  • Financial controllers who stole millions of dollars due to poor financial controls and lack of segregation of duties;
  • Large workers compensation claims from workers who have been exposed to injury after a failure by employers to provide a duty of care, or identify risk;
  • Debtors who failed to pay large accounts due to poor creditor control or due diligence;
  • Theft of databases, systems of operation, illegal recruitment of the businesses staff, and theft of other intellectual property;
  • Payment of a large amount of goods and services with stolen (.skimmed.) credit card particulars;
  • Work Place harassment and unfair dismissal claims;


These types of problems only represent a small amount of the type of problems investigated by Phoenix Global:- the list goes on! These types of problems not only have a high financial price, but have closed business down.


Today using its unique experience and understanding, Phoenix Global assesses and reduces business risks through its Risk Advisory Services, providing strategic advice to business owners and creating relevant business policy in each identified area.


Our advice is real…based upon our 30 year experience…Not just academic.


Call us now on Ph. 1300 550 475 to discuss your problem.



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