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Psychological Injury Claims

Most work related injuries are physical injuries. In order to determine liability, issues such as when the accident occurred and if the person was provided adequate training and supervision are examined. Psychological injuries are much more difficult to quantify and can have a long lasting and devastating effect of the daily life of the person injured; as well as impact on friends and family. Examples of causes may include workplace bullying, harassment, unfair action taken by management or an excessive Read more [...]
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Search Engine Marketing – The transition from physical directories.

In the world today, we are in constant need of professional services. Unfortunately for business owners, finding those in need of your services can sometimes prove harder than first thought. In the early 2000’s Yellow Pages was the dominant form of advertising, with over 13 billion ad’s referenced in 2007. However technology has become exponentially more advanced over the past decade, and has pushed paper advertising to near extinction. Search Engines, most recognisably – Google, have been Read more [...]
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Invoice Fraud

Invoice fraud involves the assertion of a right to payment from another person or business for unsolicited goods.   The operators of these frauds cleverly disguise their approach as a legitimate business offering advertising in journals and publications using high pressure selling and telemarketing techniques.   The operators are professional and will either endeavour to get a business to advertise in a bogus publication or directory or engage in enough discussion for the operator to infer Read more [...]
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Phoenix Global – Employment Screening

Employment costs keep rising year after year. However, you need your employees if you wish to continue your business. The only way to make a profit is to spend on highly trained staff who work hard. However, if one makes the wrong choice when it comes to hiring, then an entire business model can fail. This is why it is so essential to follow up on any potential employee's resume. More often than not, companies do nothing to check the validity of claims made on the resume. This is why Phoenix Global Read more [...]
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Google under fire over defamation

For the past decade, Google has been the most influential and highly used search engine in the world. Google relies upon patented algorithms to display the ten most relevant search results from their index that directly relate to your query. The question is; are these algorithms working?   Recentlly, a Melbourne based Michael Trkulja won a defamation lawsuit against Google after discovering that its search results were linking him to an underworld figure called Tony Mokbel, reports the Sydney Read more [...]
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School yard punishment for Facebook Trolls

Over the past 10 years we have seen the evolution of the internet. Its earlier uses were for the location of businesses, restaurant or holiday destination; however as of late it is being used to communicate with others via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Most social media accounts are only used for general communication between friends and family, but more and more we are seeing ‘trolls’ hiding behind a cowardice mask of anonymity while posting highly defamatory material, all Read more [...]
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