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Data Security

In today’s technologically driven world, do you ever take time to stop and ask yourself “Is my data safe?” The truth is that most people don’t. It would be fair to say that a lot of us are working under the assumption that we only get viruses by watching pornography on the internet or downloading pirated mp3’s from questionable sources. Although this is where the majority of Trojan horses hide away, this is certainly not the only way to become infected.   Most recently World of Warcraft, Read more [...]
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Work Place Investigations

Not every workplace incident is as serious or horrific as this:   But, any serious incident that occurs in your workplace needs to be properly investigated. Regardless if it is bullying, sexual harassment, a dispute between employees, a breach of occupational health and safety, drug abuse or distribution, theft, fraud, or otherwise- all need to be properly investigated.   As a business Read more [...]
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Internet Related Crimes

In today’s world we are heavily reliant on technology. We use it to complete everyday tasks such as communication, travel directions, note taking and other multi-tasking activities. Specifically, the Internet is one technology that has taken off over the past decade. It is estimated that over 90 percent of the world’s population uses the Internet on a daily basis.   In previous decades we were unable to use the Internet to publish blogs, articles, press releases and other forms of written content. Read more [...]
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SEO and its marketing uses

In today’s world, we as consumers are constantly looking for a simplified way to find what we are in need of; whether it is in season clothing or professional services. As the internet has grown more and more prevalent we have seen the decline in usage of search tools such as the Yellow and White pages, newspapers and bulletin boards. These methods of advertising have now been replaced by magnates such as Google and Yahoo in the search engine industry, online shopping stores in the retail industry, Read more [...]
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Defamation Law in the USA

The United States of America is a bad country to be defamed in if you’re corned with your Internet Reputation. With the right to Freedom of Speech in the US, the internet is clouded with sites such as Ripoff Report, Complaints board and Scambook; sites with the intention of spreading defamation without fear of consequence. Many legal representatives have attempted to take these internet giants through the legal system in an attempt to have specific exerts of content removed from search results. Read more [...]
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